Sensory boxes

sensory box

Sensory box non-food filling ideas!

**Always supervise your toddler when using small objects in your sensory bins.**

We love our sensory bins at the Art House! The kids go crazy for them! I've chosen some non-food options here.

You'll need a large plastic box, with low sides, a storage container will do.

  • Pompoms or cotton wool and small containers with lids.
  • Baby washing: a few dolls, some sponges, about an inch of water (unless you want a tsunami!) And some bubble bath or shaving cream.
  • Shredded paper and egg cartons or any packaging heading for the recycling.
  • Buttons, cut up straws, beads and pipe cleaners or yarn (threading is great for fine motor skills!).
  • Ice cubes, salt and coloured water (sprinkle salt on the ice and watch it melt! The coloured water will add the wow factor!)

Don't forget to take pictures and tag is in your sensory fun!!