Art Jamming

Art Jamming

Art Jamming will be on hold until we find a suitable venue to run it.

Art Jamming @ApwArtHouse

Painting, sponging, spraying...Art Jamming is all about that and putting on an apron to face a blank canvas and unleashing your own individual creativity... with a glass of Prosecco, friends and some music!

It’s a two and a half hour workshop with all your material supplied and you get to take home your work. So bring a friend or two and let out your inner Picasso!

Price (per individual)



2.5 hours

When is Art Jamming on?

Every last Thursday of the month

Thursday 24th September - Watercolour and ink magic

Who is it suitable for?

Grown-ups of any age, regardless of artistic experience.

Additional information

The sessions last 2.5 hours and include all material to create your piece as well as one drink

Art Jamming