Corporate Team Building

Corportate Team Building Workshops

Slip into the skin of an artist. Just for a moment.

Action Painting will free you from the constraints of your day-to-day routine and inspire you like a flying unicorn doing the rumba in stilettos.

From facilitating mergers to bringing disparate teams and departments together, our workshops have helped many companies to manage change through improved communication, freed creativity and a profound sense of connection.

Action Painting is a method that uses the similarity between artistic creation and management as a foundation. Highly enjoyable and dynamic workshops enable participants to understand and embrace a management style that favours rapid adaptability to change.

By using proven techniques the approach engages the right brain and allows managers to find a deeper sense of their place within the whole organisation. Increased creativity stimulates increased productivity and better synergy between teams leads to greater efficiency.

A typical workshop involves around 20 participants assisted by artists/facilitators. Larger and smaller groups can be catered for.

Sessions last between two and three hours to create individual pieces which are then combined into larger works in 4 stages:

  • Warm-up of creative neurons

  • Individual piece on canvas

  • Creation of a collective work, from the individual canvases

  • Presentation of the finished piece as a gallery opening, followed by a discussion and debriefing