Team wellbeing

Corportate Team Building Workshops

Slip into the skin of an artist. Just for a moment.

Our Creative Team Wellbeing Workshops will free you from the constraints of your day-to-day routine and inspire you like a flying unicorn doing the rumba in stilettos.

From facilitating mergers to bringing disparate teams and departments together, our workshops have helped many companies to manage change through improved communication, freed creativity and a profound sense of connection.

Sessions last between two and three hours.

After an initial meeting with you to understand your needs, we will design and create a bespoke workshop that could include clay, collage, watercolour or acrylic paint. We also offer craft activities like macrame, pompom wreath making and much more!

For a quote tailored to your team wellbeing needs please contact us.

What can be achieved by doing wellbeing activities?

Build rapport between team members

Some colleagues work together for years but don't actually know each other very well at all. While this is unfortunate, it's totally understandable if they only interact with each other in purely professional contexts.

Participating in wellbeing activities gives coworkers the opportunity to get to know each other in a new way.

Foster a sense of community through collaboration

Wellbeing activities are great tools to help employees develop their valuable collaboration skills, because they give them the space to work together in new ways.

Increase energy

Wellbeing activities are great at increasing energy levels because they break up the monotony of the day and get people moving and thinking differently.


For a quote tailored to your team wellbeing needs please contact us.

Corportate Team Building Workshops