After-school Club

After-school Club

Our After-school Club is suitable for children in Year 2 and upwards.

The club is more than just an art class, it's a space to be creative and to be free from the day-to-day pressures of school.

We give the children some guidance then we let them work on their project at their pace and let them take it where they wish - even if it's very different from what we had in mind at the start!

The children will have the opportunity to work on short projects as well as longer ones over a few weeks. We will be discovering different artists, both modern and classical, as well as using different mediums. The children will create their own artbook to work in every week and bring home at the end of the term.

After-school Club

Price (per individual)

£60 or £66 a term


1 hour 15 mins

When is the After School Club on?

Monday 3:45pm - 5pm

Who is it suitable for?

Children in Year 2 and above.

Additional information

After School Club runs for 10 or 11 weeks (breaks during half term) in term time. Usually the club starts the second week of a new tem.

The boring stuff

So we can concentrate on having fun in the session, please be aware of a few simple rules:

  1. After School Club is for children in Year 2 and above.
  2. After School Club requires sign up prior to each session.
  3. No child may participate in After School Club without prior payment.